+ How much does training cost?

Our coached sessions are only $5

+ Do I need to be a member to train with BTC?

You are welcome to come along to our open water swim or track training sessions before joining our club, however you must be a BTC member to come along to Brick, Spin and any of our organised rides

+ I'm new to btc - what happens at my first session?

At every session the coach or committee member present will do an introduction and ask if there are any new people attending for the first time. Put your hand up and they will have a chat with you after the introduction to welcome you and talk you through how the sessions run. There are usually a few new people at most sessions so come along! Also, keep an eye out for a BTC 'Newcomers Weeks', during which all training sessions have an extra coach to run a session for all the new athletes. These happen every six weeks or so across Summer and Spring. You are welcome, of course, to come for your first session any week though!


+ What do I bring

You need a wetsuit (optional but recommended in winter !), towel, goggles, $5 for the session and perhaps some money for a coffee afterward. We provide swim caps!

+ Help! I am a terrible swimmer!

We are used to hearing that! For the vast majority of triathletes swimming is their weakness. However, if you can't swim 1km freestyle in the pool then our open water swim session probably isn't for you just yet. We suggest you go along to some adult swim lessons (check out or resources page for a list of swim schools). Once you have a few sessions under your belt and a bit more confidence, come along to open water swim. If you want to come down to our session to have a chat to a coach you are more than welcome.

+ I'm nervous about open water swimming!

Yep, we get it! That's why coming along to open water swimming every week at Balmoral Beach will help. Balmoral is a harbour beach so it is usually pretty calm. Practicing in your wetsuit and with other swimmers around will soon boost your confidence.

If you want to come down to our session to have a chat to a coach and see what it is all about before you join in, you are more than welcome. Also, keep an eye out for our BTC 'Newcomers Weeks' which we run every six weeks or so across the season and involve a session specifically tailored for new athletes. At swim this will involve an extra coach for new athletes and a 'swim buddy' for those who are still a bit nervous about the open water.

+ what distances do you cover at swim?

Our session is 1 hour long and we usually cover 2-3+kms. However this all depends on your ability. We normally organise ourselves into 2-4 groups and our coaches will suggest shorter sets for those that are slower so we try to keep groups swimming together. You can always bring fins down if you are concerned about keeping up.


+ What do I bring?

You, a drink bottle, a towel (for core session), $5 We suggest you arrive in your run kit ready to run

+ Do I have to be fast to come to Track?

BTC has a huge range of abilities, yes there are some really fit and fast people, however our sessions are designed to cater for everyone. "It never gets easier you just get fitter", and training with others that will push you and encourage you is a great way to improve your fitness.

+ What distances are covered at Track?

It all depends on your ability anywhere between 5-10km.

+ Whats does the Track session involve?

Our track sessions are coached by Energy Link coaching. We do a warm up + running drills, followed by a main set, the main set depends on the time of year; hills, shorter vs longer efforts etc, and our coaches will often have options for short course and long course athletes. We finish up with a cool down, a core circuit and stretching. The session lasts between 60 and 90minutes.


+ Whats does the Brick session involve?

Bike and run sets in Centennial Park Sat 7:00-9:30am on the roughly circular 4km road within the park. Training sessions vary according to the time of year and become more sport and speed specific as the season progresses - we use triathlon bike racks at brick sessions for real transition practice. We finish off with a core and stretch session, and then coffee !

+ What do I bring?

You, your bike, running shoes, drink bottle, towel & $5

+ I am nervous about riding on the road

Yes Sydney can be a bit hazardous, BTC runs beginner group rides once every few months. However if you are really not confident riding in groups have a look at some of the courses run by Bicycle NSW which may help.


+ What is 'spin'?

Spin is an indoor bike training session. All you need is your bike and a 'turbo' or 'wind' trainer. The coach will run an interval session including warm up and cool down that goes for one hour. The best bit? No one will get dropped or left behind so a great session for all abilities! Spin sessions are held at the club room on Balmoral Beach so after a hard set in the summer months we've got the beach at our doorstep for a cool down swim!

+ What do I bring?

You, your bike, towel, water and a turbo trainer (not got a turbo trainer? Get in touch with us as we have a few spare at the club house).