Kona wrap up

BTC had five athletes deep-fry themselves on the highways at Kona for Ironman World Champs on Saturday. Reports are that it was brutally hot which saw a DNF rate which could be likened to Australian Prime Ministers DNF rate over the last five years. We're thrilled to see all five BTC athletes make it across the line! Thanks to the 20 or so members that travelled over to support and keep us updated during the day.

Matty Harris was consistent all day to place an amazing fifth in his age group in a time of 9:34:35. A mammoth performance on such a tough day! You may not know that Matty has been a BTC member since the very, very early days and if you go to the club room you'll see a photo of him as the 1992/93 Open Male Champion. Matty has a long history with the sport and is a popular race commentator here in Sydney. What a race to cap off a harsh winter of training. Congrats Matty!

Owain Matthews didn't quite have the day he was hoping for but what an achievement to persevere on a sub-optimal day and still place in the top 80 in the world and 13th in his age group in a time of 9:25:57. Waino has an exciting season ahead of him and we're sure it's not the last time he'll race at Kona.

Saxon Moseley in just his second ironman was brilliant all day and pulled off a 3:18 marathon. Reports are that he had the time of his life and will be looking to return to the big island again in the very near future.*

*Jokes. He's selling his TT bike. Check out the BTC basket for details!

Gary Aitkenhead who qualified as part of the Ironman Legends program was competing in what we believe may have been his 19th Ironman. It will be interesting to hear how tough this one was in comparison to the others! Congratulations Gary.

We also had Ben Coventry racing in the male 18-24 age group and come home in 10:36:30. Congratulations Ben!


BTC athletes results:

Owain Matthews, 9:25:57: 1:03:46 / 5:05:46 / 3:10:07 (13th AG, male 30-33)

Matty Harris, 9:34:35: 58:50 / 5:08:52 / 3:20:57 (5th AG, male 45-49)

Saxon Moseley, 10:21:01: 1:06:22 / 5:48:20 / 3:18:01 (100th in AG, male 40-44)

Ben Coventry, 10:36:30: 1:01:15 / 5:31:32 / 3:52:38 (27th in AG, male 18-24)

Gary Aitkenhead, 15:26:46: 1:31:08 / 7:27:50 / 6:18:39 (97th in AG, male 55-59)