Saxon reports on Kona

We put some weird questions to BTC athlete Saxon Moseley who recently raced at Kona Hawaii Ironman World Champs and finished in an absurdly quick 10:21:01 in just his second Ironman. He has kindly obliged and given us a pretty cool insight into the course, the conditions on the day and what he's got planned next...


  1. What was the race like? Describe in vivid detail.

It was like no race I have ever done (duh!). The morning had a bit of a strange eerie feel to it.

At the swim start there was so much noise surrounding all of us in the water but none of it was coming from the athletes. There was dead silence in the water – no comedians, all business!

You had to fight for leg and arm space to keep your head above the salty water – bit like swimming in a packet of salt & vinegar chips!

There was also a lot of swell in the water, much more noticeable than Australian waters – gave me an intense feeling of sea sickness during the second half of the swim. Had a little bit of a vomit on the swim back in – not ideal if your head is under water!

Bike course – considering the 180km ride ahead was going to be the longest ride I’d done since Ironman WA I went out with a conservative approach. I had a clear vision of wanting to enjoy the ride and make the distance. Bike leg delivered all pre-conceived expectations of the course, i.e. boring-as-bat-shit landscape, extreme heat, unpredictable winds, torrential rain, rolling hills and extreme speed of other passing riders!

Run leg – this was the time when the ‘cake really started to bake’!

Going to break it down a bit for you.

-       First section, i.e. 13 miles, basically until Palani hill, was entertaining with the crowds/spectators (thank you BTC crew!) and their enthusiasm. This quickly dissipated as you made your way up Palani. The humidity made the air so thick you felt like you couldn’t breathe and were eternally grateful for people spraying you with water and the ice at aid stations. I used a 900ml water bottle from my special needs bag that was “supposed” to still be frozen ice to pour all over myself – too bad it was warm by that stage.

-       Second section was Palani to home. Out to the Natural Energy Lab and back was pure mental endurance. It was the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the Ironman. The resistance coming from your brain telling you to STOP was the hardest thing to overcome.

-       Final 2 miles of the run made it all worthwhile as the fatigue from the day was completely forgotten…Joe Falco’s cracking pace (ran beside for a while) encouraged me home to the bright lights, music and phenomenal cheer down the finishing shute.

Although it was a great experience, I have no intentions of ever doing it again!   


2. What did you do to cool down?

Walked 2 miles back to the hotel with my bike and bottle of wine!


3. What was the post-race choice of food and drink?

Hawaiin shaved ice with multiple flavours, aka SLURPEE!!

Chips and foot-long Subway.


4. What is your favourite colour?

Aqua blue with cerise (cherry pink) coming a close second!


5. If you had to nickname your bike, what would you call it?



6. Friends made out on the course?

None, it was all business. Waino taught me there are no friends in Ironman!


7. What is next for Saxon Moseley?

Getting my ‘Block’ on, aka renovating my bathroom. Can anyone recommend a good builder??

Working out how to upload my bikes onto bicycle market!



Thanks for the insights Saxon. Can't wait to see you back out on the Ironman course soon ;)