Fong gets top gong in Wyong

We're lucky enough to have got our mittens on a race report from Bel Fong after her win in the sprint race at Wyong last weekend. Read on for all the juicy details on how the Fong got the top gong in Wyong!

Last Saturday was the inaugural TriWyong; a new addition to the Elite Energy triathlon series. Being the first race of the season for me, I was looking forward to the hit out and seeing where I was at with my fitness - I'm sure you all know the first race is always a bit of a shock to the system!

The Olympic distance race was first off the bat. I was competing in the sprint so I got to watch some of the bike leg of the first race but it was literally pouring with rain. I felt so sorry for those who were racing first up, although I guess it's just one of those things you can't control and just have to deal with on the day. I was prepared for the worst and ready to just get out there and race m!

The sprint race was at 10:30am with a nice one-lap 750m rectangle swim along Mackenzie Reserve in Budgewoi. It was comparable to swimming at the Regatta Centre in Penrith with a few reeds in your face, but the water was calm and a balmy 20 degrees. Perfect conditions for a fast wetsuit-optional swim.

Thankfully for the swim exit was right next to the bike racks (unlike Husky or other races I've done) which made for a speedy transition onto the bike.

The 2-lap bike course was mostly flat with a few undulations and a couple of slow and steady inclines. The road surface was a little bumpy heading out but mostly smooth riding the rest of the time. It had also stopped raining by then (bonus!). Unfortunately (or fortunately in my case), they had to cut the bike leg short so it ended up being 16km instead of 20km.

The one-lap 5km run along the river was beautiful. Given the rain, there were lots of puddles to navigate around, but plenty of room to run on a bit of grass if needed. Again, it was a mostly flat course with some great views a few undulations to keep the legs honest. Having done a few seasons of Olympic distance tri's, I had forgotten how much tougher it was on the lungs to do sprint distance races!

At the 2.5km turnaround, I could see about 3 girls behind me who were really pushing the pace. It's always hard to tell who's in your age group so I had no choice but to go hard all the way to the finish line.

I was about 50m from the finish and looked back but couldn't see anyone coming. Then, just as I stepped over the timing mat, a girl in my age group (unbeknownst to me) sprinted past me - she'd done the sneaky sprint finish! Thankfully I'd gotten there just in time and the end result was a win in my age group - by 1 second! Word of advice - always look back before crossing the line and leave some room for a sprint finish!!

TriWyong (technically in Budgewoi, not Wyong but I guess TriBudgie didn't have the the same ring to it!) was a great little race. Elite Energy really know how to put on awesome events. Despite all the rain, it was really well organised and lots of fun. I highly recommend it if Elite Energy keep it next year, especially if you want to race on a fast course. It's a short and easy 90 min drive from Sydney.

I'm looking forward to racing TriHusky this weekend with a few other BTC athletes and finish off the year with Callala in December.

Thanks for listening to me ramble!