Technical Official Course

Upcoming Local Technical Official Courses

Being a technical official is the most fun you can have when you're not actually racing! It's a great way to 'give back' to the sport and (most importantly) earn extra points for Club Championships in 2016! Just ask Ben Browne, one of BTC's resident TO's (along with the wonderful Rachel Monahan) who at less than one year in has already Officialed at Husky and Club Champs. Details are below on the upcoming course in Vincentia.

On behalf of Triathlon Australia, we will be conducting an LTO course at

Vincentia Golf Club on 21st November (2pm to 6pm).

If you have family or friends who would like to help in ensuring that our events are safe and fair, please tell them about these opportunities. Candidates will have the opportunity to participate as a trainee official on the Field of Play at the Huski Festival on the following day.

Registration is via this link, or can also be found on the Triathlon NSW website: