Member Profile - Kat Marik

BTC Supporter Mimi giving last minute words of encouragement to Kat

Today we catch up with one of our new members Katherine Marik. Kat recently competed in her first Long Course Triathlon at Huskisson last weekend. Welcome Kat, we hope to see you at club champs in your BTC kit !





BTC - How long have you been a member of BTC?   

Kat - Its' my first season, I signed up in October.

What made you join BTC?

Kat -  I've always thought triathletes are the epitome of fitness

BTC - What was your first triathlon, and how long ago?

KatA Pinky Tri maybe 2 years ago, where I wore board shorts, rash vest and rode my mountain bike with a hole in the tyre

BTC - Husky was your first long course how did you go ? 

Kat - I now understand the term Long Course - it was long!! I finished in 6.21 but I'm happy I did each leg to the best of my ability. 

BTC - How did you prepare for the race?

Kat - Not very well, first time I'd swum 2km!

BTC - What was the hardest thing about your first long course race?

KatDefinitely the bike as the further I had ridden was 20km. There were more hills than I anticipated. 

BTC - Whats your favourite BTC training session ?

Kat - Friday night aquathons

 BTC - Is swim, bike or run your favourite discipline? 

Kat - I am a long time runner, so the run leg is definetly my favourite

BTC - Whats your next race?

Kat - Kurnell Sprint

BTC - Any advice for first time triathletes?

Kat - the only thing stopping yourself is you. I could barely swim 100m and I had never ridden a rode bike, anything is possible with the right club around you and some self belief. The hardest part of doing triathlon is taking the step to have a go. You will be surprised with what you are capable of, as I surely am! 

BTC - Whats a favourite/inspiring quote of yours?

Kat - "Happiness does not come from doing easy work, but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best." - Theodore Isaac Rubin

BTC - Are you a gadget girl or not ?  

Kat - Gadget Girl for sure - I can't live without my Garmin!!! 

BTC - What else do you do when not doing triathlon ?

Kat - I enjoy eating lots of food and doing lots of exercise!! 

You can follow Kat on Instagram: @kat_marik

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