10 Reasons to join us at Club Champs

  1. The triathlon is a Saturday !! and you know what that means - PARTY On Saturday night 
  2. Club Camaraderie - its not often triathlon is considered a team sport, but club champs is all about winning points for your club, and everyone no matter how fast or slow you are contributes to club points
  3. Wear your club kit with pride and get the biggest cheers ever !!!
  4. The club organises and subsidises a lot of the weekend - make the most of being a club member
  5. Saturday morning breakfast is included
  6. Pizza and drinks on Saturday is included as is a bus to the party venue
  7. Every point counts and it would be awesome to beat our points tally last year !
  8. Training for ironman - don't worry you can join the other crazy BTC crew that will be going out on a long ride on sunday morning in foster.
  9. If you are more normal and not "training for ironman" Josh and Jodie's legendary Bacon and Eggs on Sunday Morning included
  10. Bring the family ! There is kids aquathons on Saturday morning so the youngsters can get involved too.