What is it like to compete in your first club race?

At The Betar Lawyers BTC Race #2  at the weekend, we had beautiful conditions for our new members, and for the 2 or 3 people for whom it was their first ever triathlon ! 

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Hear from new member Catherine and find out how why she joined BTC and how her first BTC race went.

BTC: What made you interested in Balmoral tri club?

I’d moved to Sydney from Melbourne. Living by the water it’s hard to not want to be active. I’d done a lot of fun runs and ocean swims but hadn’t been on a bike since i was a teenager. I move to Balmoral and through word of mouth someone told me there was a tri club so I signed up for the challenge!

BTC: What were your concerns before your club race? 

There’s always nerves for me on an unfamiliar course. I just tri to take in as much as I can when I arrive, see what other people are doing, pick up on the vibe. I know i’m not going to be the leader of the pack so I take comfort knowing that i’ll get through it by just following the person in front.

BTC: How did you prepare for the race?

Living locally, I was able to go down to the area the race was when I went for a run or ride in the week or two leading up to. I didn’t know exactly what the course was going to be but was good to get an idea of what I was in for. Training wise, I made sure I’d fit in some strong sessions across all legs in the weeks leading up to and listened to the trainers at the sessions when they gave information on the event.

BTC: What was your main thought during the race?

I hate to say it but my main thought was this ride is harder than I expected it to be! Turns out the level of difficulty came from me forgetting to pump my tyres pre race which as I’ve learnt the hard way means it feels like you are riding with the breaks on the ENTIRE time! A pre race preparation I will now never forget again!

BTC: How did you feel afterwards?

Great! A sense of achievement that I had conquered a new course and new challenge. It was a nice feeling to have a few people at the finish line clapping everyone as they finished too. Makes you feel that everyone there is there for the same reason and shares the sense of achievement so can acknowledge yours also.

BTC: Is there anything you would do differently next time?

Pump my tyres!!!!! I definitely learnt to never underestimate the race prep. I guess not just when you arrive and set up but your list of things you need to pack and prepare the night before too.

here's our packing list to help new triathletes !

BTC: What advice would you tell others considering their first race?

It’s nerve wracking and sometimes intimidating to see some of the people around that are definitely athletes but use both these things as motivation. Feed off your nerves and let the athletes motivate you because they had to start somewhere someday too. The satisfaction and achievement afterward is worth it. The club tri felt comfortable like none was judging, quite the opposite actually.

BTC: What is your next race?

I’ll be back for seconds with the final club race on the 28 Feb and have also signed up for Wollongong early March.

Thanks so much Catherine, and a big welcome to BTC, its great to have you as part of our club !

Club races are a great introduction to triathlon, the distances are very manageable, and its a small friendly race. The swim at a harbour beach means no swell, and our road is closed to traffic during the bike leg. If you are new to our club or considering joining, don't put off doing our club race its a great event, and as Catherine say's everyone has to start somewhere ! So don't delay sign up to our last race of the season on the 28th feb.