Betar Lawyers Race 2 Race Report

The Matthews family dominates the Podium

It was an absolutely stunning morning down at Chowder Bay for our 2nd Betar Lawyers race of the season, catching a beautiful sunrise and watching a big cruise ship enter the harbour !

Quentin Schneider (that french guy that is a gun swimmer !) had lost coach waino by the time he got to the first swim buoy, and sent all our bike course volunteers scurrying back up the stairs to their stations as he was just so quick ! 

Coach Waino (looking very matchy matchy with his new giant bike and kit )  caught Quentin on the bike and held on (he was puffing pretty hard though folks) all the way to the finish.  Find out how more about waino's race, in his own race report

Long time BTC Member Karl Hayes made a long trip from the other side of the bridge to particpate !

Final Podium was..

1st Place Owain Matthews (middle), 2nd Quentin Schneider (left in picture) & 3rd was  Karl Hayes (right in picture)



Lisa cash (Cashy) who is always a force to be reconed with at the BTC races, was first out of the water.

Bel fong held onto 2nd place during the cycle in front of new mum Dani Matthew, making her first return to racing after having little Ethan 9 months ago.

Cashy held onto her lead for the entire race, and Dani managed to catch the Fonginator during the run. 






Podium - 1st Place Lisa Cash (left), 2nd Place, Dani Matthews (right), and Bel Fong in 3rd (middle)

Final Results can be seen here,

Its not all about podiums, the BTC race prides itself in being a fun, friendly race for athletes of all ages and abilities, we asked some new members for their thoughts on their first club race. 

Julianna - new member and first triathlon

It was very friendly, well organised event and perfect taste for my first triathlon experience, not too crowded, great distance and location and stunning weather conditions.

And check out our interview with new member Catherine on some rookie race day lessons learned !

Our race couldn't happen without all those people that get up really early and don a fluro vest for a few hours. Big thanks to all our volunteers, and especially race director Mike Gough, Jodie & Steffi for the race day organisation and of course Justin Betar for being a long standing sponsor or our races.

Big thanks as usual to John Simmons for clearing the road of storm debris before racing himself. Don't forget to say a big thanks to volunteers where ever your next race is....... and if you can help out the committee at the next race please let us know or sign up to be a volunteer.


Thanks to Bri McPhee for photos during the day, you can find more on our private members only facebook group (if you aren't a member of the group , click join and an admin will approve you)

The next race is on the 28th Feb, register now