Who is Quentin ?


Who is Quentin? well......  he is "that french guy, the gun swimmer" !

He is Quentin Schneider, he is only 20 years old and recently moved to Australia from yep you guessed it France. 

He has made a big impression already at our club races, and the most important bit of news is that he is raring to go for club champs to fly the BTC flag ! AWESOME !!!

I spotted him out for a "slow jog" on Friday down at Balmoral and managed to get a bit more information for you all, and I just heard he won his age group today at the coles classic open water swim !

BTC - So you are obviously French, where are you from in France? 

I was born in Nantes, then lived abroad for 10 years (Dubai, Malaysia, New-Caledonia), and then came back in the North of France and did my studies in Paris.

BTC - How long have you been in Australia?

I arrived in Australia last August, so I've been here for 6 months.

BTC - Do you have a nick name?

I don't have any nicknames really, find me one ! 

BTC - What made you join Balmoral Tri Club? 

I live in Mosman, as soon as I arrived I wanted to join a triathlon club, and Balmoral Triathlon Club is perfect, it's close to my place and it's a great club full of nice people and athletes ! BTC is very active, with nice group sessions, great coaches, and people of all different levels all passionate about triathlon which makes a great atmosphere  

BTC - Whats your favourite training session ?

My favourite sport is swimming, I started young and I trained and competed in swimming during my teenage years at school, I love open water swimming but I also enjoy getting out and running on trails. 

BTC - What races/distances are you training for ?

I am currently training for Olympic and Sprint distances.

BTC - What do you do in your free time apart from Triathlon ?

 I work, I have the french Optician Diploma and work with Peter Hewett Optometrist in Mosman. Otherwise on my free time I like to go surfing, visiting stuff and partying as a good triathlete should sometimes. 

BTC - Where/when was your first ever triathlon ?

My first triathlon ever was in 2009 when I was 14, I was training hard for swimming, I just did it for fun and to give it a try.

BTC - Any funny/painful triathlon rookie errors you have made? 

Haha I've done a lot of them... when I was 15 I once went for a warm up on the bike before a race and... I got lost and missed the start ! I got lost 25 km from the starting line, the coach was really unhappy, but I now find it very funny. 

BTC - If you could be a super hero who would you be ? 

Tricky one... Probably Batman, not a fan of the outfit but he is just an awesome guy

BTC - Do you have any sporting heros ? 

No not really, but at the moment I am quite impressed by Jan Frodeno, Olympic Champion in 2008, and now killing the long course races ! Just amazing. 

Remember that name everyone - it's Quentin

You can follow him on instagram

Welcome to Balmoral Tri Club Quentin !