First Time Triathlete !


Hear from our first timer & New member Julianna Davidson

BTC - What made you interested in Balmoral tri club?
I’ve  always been very active by doing cross country skiing (back in Russia), long distance running and outdoor training. I have a few friends who are doing triathlons and I always admire them, but never imagined doing it myself.  But this year I’ve decided to challenge myself and I registered for the Noosa Triathlon in October 2016. It means that I need to start serious training in swimming and bike riding. Balmoral beach is the closest beach for me and it was a natural decision to join Balmoral Tri club.

BTC - How long have you been a member?
Since December 2015
BTC - What were your concerns before your club race?
Swimming in the open water, transitions, cycling (specially using cleats for the first time) and everything else... as I didn't know what to expect
BTC - How did you prepare for the race?
I’ve been training everyday: started to participate swimming squad at Lane Cove aquatic centre, I have been doing spin classes and I did a few brick sessions on Sunday (bike and run)
BTC - What was your main thought during the race?
Be careful on the bike without falling over because of my new cleats, I even stopped way before the dismounting area to be sure I unclicked my cleats in time. 
BTC - How did you feel afterwards?
Amazing!! Satisfaction of achieving something new and challenging.
BTC - Is there anything you would do differently next time?
Trying to be quicker at the transition, get some water after the swim before the bike ride as I had very unpleasant salty taste in my mouth and I was very uncomfortable using the water bottle while I’m riding
BTC - What advice would you tell others considering their first race?
Just do it! I was very excited but extremely nervous before my first race. I couldn’t sleep for a few nights, but the feeling of completing a new challenge is indescribable!
BTC - What is your next race?
Husky, sprint distance on 20 February. 

Well done Julianna, and welcome to BTC !