Member Profile - Aileen Davidson

You might know Aileen for her famous and amazing baking talents down at the club. She is always happy to help out the club volunteering at races and her cakes definitley ensure that all of our BTC athletes are getting proper nutritional recovery after a hard session! We asked her a few questions to find out about her plans for the season ahead and what she loves about Club Champs!

BTC: When did you start triathlon?

Aileen: Hmm I've been doing triathlon for about 5 years, though I was a bit of a WAG at our old club back in Manchester for a year or two first, supporting Alan rather than participating!!

BTC: Which leg is your favourite, swim, bike or run?

Aileen: My favourite leg is definitely the run, it's what I did before triathlon, albeit at quite an average level and once you are on the run you know the end can't be too far away. I've always swum, since I was little, but more for enjoyment than sport, only been since getting involved in triathlon that I have put more effort into it. The less said about the bike, the better!!

BTC: You have made so many amazing cakes for different events at the club, what is your favourite thing to bake and your favourite thing about baking?

Aileen: Well those were the easy questions, now for the toughie, I simply like baking anything that I know people will enjoy and want to come back for more. Caramel Slice is definitely one of my go to options as it always seems to impress everyone despite being relatively straight forward to make.

BTC: Do you have any goals for the end of this season or next season?

Aileen: I've spent the best part of the last two years battling injuries including sciatica and a torn hamstring, so my only goals at the moment are to enjoy what training I can do and hope I get to the end of each session in one piece! Club champs will be my longest triathlon in almost three years so just crossing the finish line will be a huge achievement. As for next season, probably more of the same, training and racing as much as my body lets me, I'd love to get back to some Standard distance stuff and half marathons, but I'm trying to focus on now rather than months away.

BTC: How many times have you done club champs, what is your favourite thing about it?

Aileen: I volunteered at Club Champs last year, I was out on the run course in the pouring rain until the last runner headed home! This will be my first time actually competing. I love the idea of all the club supporting each other and being out there in Balmoral colours. It's what I think clubs like Balmoral should be all about, getting everyone involved.

BTC: What has been you favourite sporting event you have competed in?

Aileen: Well recently I took part in the Manly Inflatable Boat Race dressed as a cheetah and had so much fun, but I'm guessing that's not what you meant! Actually I am a Run Director at Mosman parkrun and I think it is one of the best ideas ever, encourages everyone no matter how fast or slow to get out there and give it a go over a manageable distance. We have a real community feel with everyone from Ironman competitors and endurance runners to young kids and people just trying to be more active taking part. I have made some great friends as well as working towards improving my times when I do run. As for an event I've actually competed in, probably Bala Olympic/Standard in Wales as it was my first attempt at the distance and I just loved everything about the race, staying by the lake, racing away from residential areas, fresh air.

Thanks for always helping out Aileen! We all can't wait to watch you race for BTC at Club Champs!