Member Profile - Alan Burton

Alan is a BTC Committee Member who has helped out the club taking some of our BTC social rides and will be competing at Club Champs for us this year! He has recently taken on the 6 Foot Track Marathon and is competing in the 100km Ultra Trail Run in May. We caught up with him to see how is training is going and how what his 6 Foot Track Marathon race was like!

BTC: How long have you been a member of BTC?

Alan: I’m in my second season as a BTC member.

BTC: What is your sporting background?

Alan: Football (aka soccer) was my preferred sport growing up. After the 3rd or was it the 4th ankle sprain I had enough and started running more and also took up cycling. Eventually I come to the conclusion that not being able to swim as a 30 year old adult was slightly embarrassing so I decided to learn and hey presto, the triathlon thing was the next logical step.

BTC: What are you looking forward to the most about Club Champs?

Alan: BTC winning! …. closely followed by the pizza and beer at the end!

BTC: You had a great race at the 6 Foot Track Marathon how was the race and preparation?

Alan: Training was going great until I sprained my ankle (again!) a month out from the race which resulted in lots of panicking as to wether I’d actually make the start line. Thankfully it wasn’t as bad as first feared even though it looked like it had been run over by a bus. The run itself was a bit of a beast. Some mega steep hills to negotiate, a river crossing, some technical single track and even though the last few kms is downhill, by the time you get there your legs are so smashed that every step is a world of pain. I actually found the uphills easier than the last 4k downhill to the finish! However, 6 Foot was just a warm up as I’m running the Ultra Trail Australia 100k event in May!

BTC: You have been a ride leader for some of the BTC social rides, what did you enjoy most about it?

Alan: I just enjoyed being out with other people for a change. Ironman training can be a lonely existence sometimes so it was nice to get out with other likeminded people and just have a chat and a laugh and not take the training too seriously. And the coffee/breakfast at the end is always good.

BTC: What is your favourite thing to do outside of triathlon?

Alan: Eating or sleeping! No seriously, I've been training for Ironman the last few years and that can leave you with not much time to do other things but if I’m not taking part in some sporting event, then I’ll be watching it! I’ve actually recently decided to branch out and give surfing a go so I’m currently on the lookout for some surf buddies, ha!

Thank you for all of your help around the Club Alan, BTC wishes you all the best for your Ultra Trail 100k!