Member Profile - David Fell

David is another one of our great BTC triathletes who will be representing us at Club Champs! Apart from fighting for BTC to win the overall trophy it seems there will also be a bit of in-club rivalry going on in the 55-59 age group to see who can get the most club points and be crowned our BTC age group champion! We talked to David about the competition and how he got involved in triathlon. 

BTC: How long have you been a part of the club?

David: I joined BTC about four years ago.

BTC: When and why did you start triathlon?

David: It was a direct consequence of being in the pub with two mates of similar vintage. None of us had ever done a triathlon before but as we were all about to enter our 'second childhood' we struck a pact that we would do one together the following year. The only issue with this cunning and virile plan was that I couldn't swim and I had heard that during a triathlon you have to do some swimming. No issue, bring on those swim squads...hahahaha. I'm happy to say that four years later we did manage to do a sprint together at Kurnell.

BTC: Why did you decide to do Club Champs?

David: I'm really looking forward to the Club Champs because it's the one time in the year when we are all together, racing for the club....and there is a big party as well. 

BTC: You recently raced at Wollongong, how was it?

David: I recently did the Olympic Distance at Wollongong. Not too far away, a beautiful setting and very motivating as you get to watch the elite competitors fly round the course. I can thoroughly recommend it. Unfortunately, it wasn't my best ever performance. Somebody had put the pool heater on in the harbour and the water was too warm for wetsuits. Clearly, given my swimming ability, this was less than ideal. After the swim leg I didn't catch up with any of my BTC age groupers. However, I can say that I have now competed over 1.5km of swimming without a wet suit. A first for me.

BTC: I hear there is some competitiveness in your age group for club points, who do you think is going to take out the title?

David: This brings me nicely to the ultra competitive age group of 55-59yr males at BTC. A number of us moved into this age group this year, including Paul Kelly, Mike Ollerenshaw and myself. We joined the ever-young winner of this age group Glenn McPhee and fairly early on in the season it became clear that glory would have to be hard earned. Every aquathon, every time trial, and every club race was needed to be in the running. It could all come down to performance in the Club Champs. It's almost exciting. 

BTC: What is your funniest triathlon memory?

David: My funniest triathlon memory, of course, involves swimming, in a pool whilst Bruce videoed my stroke. After he had carefully reviewed the video he shared it with me. I couldn't stop laughing..."Who is that idiot in the pool? Oh, it's me!!!"

Good luck at Club Champs David! We will all be watching to see who will take out the trophy!