Member Profile - Emily McPhee

BTC's Emily McPhee is one of our club's amazing members, this year she has helped at our Trystars kids sessions, and is helping Zoe with the Newsletter and Website. Em is always smiling and willing to help out around the club, so we thought we would find out a bit more about Em in our Member Profile this week.

The Always smiling Emily McPhee 

The Always smiling Emily McPhee 

BTC - How did you first get into triathlon?

Dad decided to join us all up, so we started going down to the Friday night aquathons and then more and more of the BTC sessions!

BTC - How long have you been a member of Balmoral Triathlon Club?

About 3.5 years now.

BTC - You helped out with coaching for our Try Stars program this year. Have you got any funny stories from coaching the kids?

There were a few backwards helmets and other funny moments, but what stood out most to me was their enthusiasm and excitement! They were all fantastic kids to coach and I think their transition skills are much better than mine now so I better go practice for next year!

BTC - You were the youngest competitor at Ironman Australia last year. Will you be racing the full or the half distance this year?

I will be racing the half this year and trying to turn my Ironman race pace up a bit to match it! Hopefully I can learn and improve from my race at Husky.

BTC - You won your age group at Husky Long Course last weekend. Can you give us some insights into your preparation and race?

I started off the year with a great training camp down at Jindabyne with the Energy Link team. After that I continued to train going to as many of the BTC sessions as possible. I love having them as part of my program because it makes training even more fun, and of course doing long rides with more BTC buddies around West Head and Akuna! The race was good apart from a few rookie mistakes that I made. It was great to have the encouragement and support from everyone there whether they were racing or cheering!

BTC - How many times have you competed at Club Champs and what are your top 3 favourite things about it?

This year will be my fourth year at Club Champs (I got roped in straight away!). I love the atmosphere most of all. Everyone out there is having fun and supporting each other even if they are not in the same club. The presentation night is also always a highlight getting to hang out with everybody from the club and celebrate another great season. You also can’t miss out on the Sunday morning bacon and egg breakfast to finish off a great weekend!

BTC - Do you have any advice for any athletes who have never competed at Club Champs before?

Don’t be scared, it is a lot of fun! The first time I raced club champs I had no idea what I was doing. I had a borrowed wetsuit, my neighbour’s old bike, no idea how to change the gears, no bike shoes and no Lycra. I missed the turnaround on the bike and did a bit extra, and I was the second last person out there on the run but everyone was so supportive and Jess Hansen from the club even did the last part of the run with me!

BTC - If you were a biscuit, what kind of biscuit would you be (and why)?

I would be a Tim Tam because who doesn’t love a biscuit that is mostly chocolate!

Thanks Em, you are such a great ambassador for our club, we love your commitment and enthusiasm and the fact you are always smiling !

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You can follow Em on instagram (emilymcpheee)