Member Profile - Andrea Pember

Andrea Pember is a relatively new member to BTC, she has qualified for the World 70.3 Championships in the Sunshine Coast later this year. So we thought we would catch up with her and find out a bit more her and how she qualified.


BTC - Hi Andrea, where in Canada are you from and how long have you been in Australia?

Andrea - Calgary Alberta and I have been in Sydney almost a year now!

BTC - How long have you been competing in triathlon
Andrea - I did my first sprint distance in Banff Canada in September 2014! Despite the water temperature being below 13 degrees I fell in love with the sport.

BTC - How did you get started in triathlon
Andrea - I grew up as a swimmer in Canada and a few of my old team mates moved over to Triathlon. One in particular started Ironman 70.3 racing and I saw how happy her dedication and commitment made her; it was hard not to be inspired.  

BTC - Are you currently under the guidance of a coach ?
Andrea - Yes! Waino (Owain Matthews). Waino is an awesome mentor and a truly inspiring athlete himself. He's helped me achieve my goals and realize my long -term potential. He's super supportive and my training plans are definitely tailored to me as an individual taking into account other aspects of my life. He continues to challenge me as i grow in the sport.

BTC - You are going to the world 70.3 in sept how did you qualify ?
Andrea - Coach Waino prepped me well - all the early mornings and hard work paid off. I had a personal best/ record in Taupo New Zealand 70.3 which landed me a qualifying spot!
What's your training going to be like on the lead up to worlds ?

BTC - What's your favourite swim bike or run ?
Andrea - The swim!!! BTC's open water swims are one of my favourite parts of the weekend!

BTC - What's the best thing about joining our club?
Andrea - Feeling like you're part of the team. The club sessions are a great workout and most importantly for everyone, it really doesn't matter what level you're at whether you're a beginner or have been in the sport for a while! It's wicked training and competing with an awesome group of individuals who have all been so welcoming and have become my friends over the past year since moving to Sydney...Oh and it's fun!

BTC - What do you see as the biggest challenge/barrier for women getting started in triathlon?
Andrea - I think triathlon can be a bit intimidating as it tends to be a highly competitive and male dominated sport. I think there is also a lot of gear and gadgets involved which can be overwhelming at first which can over complicate things. At the end of the day I think it's key to remember that swimming, cycling and running are fun and challenging activities. We can get so much personal satisfaction and reward from participating in this amazing sport. 

BTC - What 3 things could you not live without on a desert island ?
Andrea - 1. Maple syrup  2. My bicycle  3. A good trail mix that includes chocolate covered almonds

BTC -  Do you have any rookie triathlon errors to share
Andrea - I've pretty much made every rookie error there is from wearing a size too small wet-suit and having a 7 minute transition (T1) time to tipping over he first time i used clip pedals.We all have these moments but it's continuous learning, it's great when you can just laugh it off and not take yourself too seriously.

BTC - Are you coming to club champs ?
Andrea - Yes! I am really looking forward to another triathlon weekend away with everyone in the club these are so fun!

BTC - What advice would u give to women considering getting into triathlon and joining a Tri club like BTC ?
Andrea - Just do it! I see great training, fitness and new friends in your future... :)

Thanks Andrea, its great to have you part of our club !