BTC Youth Scholarship CheckIn

Lauren Bourke was awarded the 2015 - 2016 BTC Youth Scholarship.

In celebration of International Womens Day, we thought we would catch up with her this week and find out about her triathlon season so far and how the award is helping her training and racing.






BTC - Hi Lauren, tell us about your season so far?

Lauren - This year I have decided to focus on shorter races instead of 70.3’s (all I had ever really done in the past). I did Canberra Olympic at the end of January where I placed 4th in my age group and then Husky sprint. I also did the Energy Link Jindy training camp at the start of the year, which was such an awesome learning experience, and definitely a highlight of the season so far. I’m really enjoying racing more this season as I learn so much every single race.

 BTC - You were awarded the BTC Scholarship for 2015/16 what did the scholarship entail?

Lauren - The BTC Scholarship is amazing! I’m so incredibly thankful to have been given this opportunity. I’ve basically been looked after in every possible way. I’ve received free coaching from Energy Link with Lew, and I’ve been working on my weaknesses and staying injury free with Campbell from Square One Physio. I also get to go to all the Balmoral training sessions for free and I also received free entry into each of the club races.

 BTC - How has the scholarship helped you achieve your goals?

The coaching from Lew has obviously been a huuugeee blessing in helping me achieve my goals. Without it I know I would be so lost and most likely injured and unable to even race. Same goes for having Campbell and Square One Physio’s help. Getting consistent training is so important for improving and reaching your goals and I’m so blessed to be in such good hands. Being able to go to the BTC training sessions also keeps me motivated to keep turning up and keep that consistency going.

BTC - Do you have any plans for the upcoming season?

Lauren - I now have Wollongong and Kingscliff coming up over the next few weeks which I am doing in the hopes of qualifying to go race over in Mexico in September. And of course Club Champs in April. 

BTC - What are you looking forward to the most about competing at Club Champs this year?

Lauren - I went to Club Champs last year and I was little bit nervous about racing against other ‘real’ triathletes, however I was so surprised at how non-competitive the whole race felt. It really is a fun race where you really feel like you’re part of a team and not just an individual. I’m looking forward to experiencing that again this year and also getting to know everyone from the club a little bit better. 

BTC - What is your favourite BTC session?

Lauren - Open Water for sure! Perfect race simulation in such a beautiful spot. 

BTC - You came second at the final BTC race, can you tell us a bit about the race?

Coming 2nd on Sunday and winning the first race is a bit surreal to me, because it wasn’t that long ago that I was scared to even try a BTC race. I’m so glad that I did (well that Derek made me) because now I love them and I can’t even imagine why I was ever scared to try it.

The race was a tough one, I came out of the swim in third but made my way into 2nd running (walking) up those lovely stairs. I then rode my way into first on the bike for the shortest amount of time before being flown past by Nicola who I never really saw again. I then had a bit of cat and mouse going on with Pip before finally breaking free on the run. I’m fairly certain it’s the fastest I have ever gone on that course which is promising for my upcoming races.

Like club champs, I love the feel of the BTC races. They are very well organised which makes arriving in the morning completely stress free so your able to focus on what you need to do for your race. There are people of all ages and abilities and the multiple lap course means you’re never really out there by yourself which makes it so much more enjoyable.

The BTC Youth Scholarship is proudly supported by two of the club's amazing supporters.