After Party - U30's vs O30's Report Card

 Michael the hotel owner had to use his Ute to pick up the pizzas there was that many of them ! So after a serious "Pizza Overload" round the poolside, our bus took our members to Club Forster to find out club Champs placings, and rehydrate with some electrolytes. 

The After Party Stories

If you go by social media photos it looks like our Under 30’s know how to party, however I hear from the Over 30’s that stayed at the club past normal triathletes bedtime (9pm) that actually all the under 30’s did was google “drinking games” & snapchat and insta each other round the table describing what “party animals” they are....

Meanwhile on the dance floor Jen Paggi, Julianna,Nikki, Robyn, Alan and Aileen, Matt, Kelly and Ben were actually doing what us oldies know as partying: drinking and dancing!

Robyn, Julianna & Nikki told me that they had the best weekend, they outdid the under 30’s by racking up 8000 steps on their Garmin’s dancing at the after party.

However they informed me they were going to go home and tell their family that it was a terrible weekend and really hard race as they want to keep Club Champs as a girls weekend away without the husbands! Love it, get the leave passes for next year in early ladies!

Alan Burton was showing the Under 30’s how to drink. Apparently Alan who is doing the 100k race in 6 weeks time can’t keep weight on unless he drinks. hmmm coming from a Northern Irishman .. that’s a convenient excuse to continue drinking whilst training for ultra endurance event.



The After Party After Party

6 bottles of red wine mysteriously disappeared between the hours of 12:00 am and 12:30 am.. and judging by the smell of booze the next morning from some of our "athletes" it was definitely consumed onsite along with the left over pizzas.

Quotable Quotes

  • Does anyone want some more red wine?” Derek Mulhearn at 12:30am

  • “Who took those last 5 bottles of red wine that were leftover?” Jodie Osborne at 8:00am

  • “Where is Matt Hunt?” Everyone, all night : see our Matt Hunt Fan Page

  • “I wasn’t drafting” Jack McPhee, Jules Cook, Jack McPhee, Andrea Pember, Jack McPhee

  • “I will equalise you” Josh Burns to the security guard at 11:00pm

  • “Je m’appelle Quentin…….” Quentin Schneider at 1:30am

  • “Good night everyone!” David Grant, Joe Sprange, Chris Hislop, Kev Mutlow at 8:30pm

The Next Day

The end of Daylight savings was a bonus for many members supplying an extra hour of sleep, so many went out a cycle of various lengths and were greeted home by our legendary breakfast BBQ organised by Josh and Jodie & ably assisted by Nick.

Thanks everyone for making the weekend fun, entertaining and showing what a great club we have.  

I apologise if I have missed giving people a shout out .....see you all soon Zoe.

Thanks again to our club champs sponsors for helping subsidise a great weekend away.