BTC 2018-19 End of Year Celebration

On Saturday evening, club members ditched the lycra and instead donned beautiful dresses and smart suits for the club’s annual end-of-season celebration and awards, held at the Public Dining Room at Balmoral Beach. It was a wonderful evening, filled with sparkles and shine (including Myriam Smith’s hair), delicious canapes and drinks, and much laughter. There was even more laughter later at the after party and the “after-after” party, but we can say no more…what happens at the end-of-season celebration after party stays at the end-of-season celebration after party!

Congratulations to all our amazing award recipients…

Club Age Group Competition

15-19 years – Tom Holland & Jamie Wade

20-24 years – Chris Cleland & Emily McPhee

25-29 years – Jose Hernandez Martinez & Laura Van Den Honert

30-34 years – James Strong & Dani Matthews

35-39 years – Pietro Sbisa & Kelly Atkin

40-44 years – Matt Hunt & Tamara Chapman

45-49 years – Michael Eaton & Nicola Hutchinson

50-54 years – Michael Semark & Ingrid McPhee

55-59 years – Paul Kelly & Bridget Fell

60-64 years – Glenn McPhee & Jo Cowan

65-69 years – Bob Smale

70-74 years – Keith Spackman & Merri Mack

75-79 years – John Simmonds

80-85 years – Hannelore Paxton


Guy Yates Award – Mike Ollerenshaw

Rookie Triathlete of the Year – Tara Wallis

Triathlete of the Year – Gerald Renton

Rookie Ironman of the Year – Ingrid McPhee

Ironman of the Year – Paul McClarnon

Youth Scholarship Award – Jose Hernandez Martinez & Tom Holland

Sponsor Recognition Award – Justin Betar (Betar Lawyers) & David Johnson (The Home Loan Guy) for supporting the club for 10 years

Lifetime Membership Award – Bruce & Christina Thomas

Most Stylish Award – Juliana Davidson, Myriam Smith & Robyn Johns

Best Couple Award – Dani & Owain Matthews

Best Supporter Award – Bel Fong

Best Volunteer Award – Helen Monahan

Bakers Delight Award – Aileen Davidson

Best Family Award – The McPhees