SquareOne Physiotherapy - Injury Prevention & Pilates for Triathletes

A couple of weeks ago, club sponsor and physio Campbell Hanson of SquareOne Performance Physio & Pilates held an Injury Management & Prevention Clinic for club members. During the session, Campbell answered questions posed by attendees about their existing injuries and niggles, before showing attendees some rolling and trigger-point release tools and techniques, and taking attendees through a quick simple stretching routine - both intended to help improve mobility, aid recovery and avoid future injuries.

Take a look at Cam’s rolling and release techniques here.

Take a look at a YouTube "Yoga for Runners" routine here. There are lots of free options out there like this one!

SquareOne also provide club members with Pilates for Triathletes circuit classes – strength and flexibility training specifically designed to increase your efficiency, reduce your injury risk and make your body more resilient to the demands of training and racing. For more information, head to the training session page.