Club Champs - Race Report

3rd Place - Balmoral Triathlon Club !

So we did one better than last year.. yahooooo...... Unfortunately, the nasty gastro bug that has been doing the rounds in Sydney took a few of our crew out prior to and during the race.. .. but we still did amazing finishing on the podium in 3rd place in Division 1 in 2016. Josh reminded me we are probably one of the most consistent clubs, we always have around the same number of competitors and always get very high number of average points per competitor. Unfortunately, we just couldn't compete with Hills and Warringah’s 100+ athletes this year.

A big thank you to our Club Champs sponsors: Human Solutions Group First National Cremorne for helping us subsidise our Club Champs weekend for our members by financing the TShirts, Matt form LeSpit for the Bottles, SIS for the gels.


Well the weather was certainly “better” than last years’ wind and rain, but the heat made it a real challenge, it was well over 30 degrees out there, so well done to all our competitors, even though it was a shorter distance race, the unusual race start time and the extreme heat made it a challenge to get nutrition and hydration right for our competitors and lots of people were suffering out there.

The swim was great, very calm and hardly any waves so perfect for an open water swim, the bike course was its usual technical course, lots of corners, and the run was just HOT!

BTC had some great results from our men, Coach Waino was 2nd AG and 4th overall, despite having been very ill the week leading up to the race, that’s an impressive result, but it was clear waino was really struggling, but showed his true club spirit and got through the race.Fast Dave Grant is looking really strong, finishing 4th in the very competitive 35-39 AG and 15th overall and 2nd BTC’r home, great work dave, all that consistent training the last few season certain seems to be paying off.

It was also good to see Jack McPhee back fit and strong, Jack was 3rd in the 15-19 AG and 3rd BTC’r home, just behind Jack was Kevin Mutlow getting some valuable BTC points by finishing in the top 10 of his AG (Good work by Dave on his recruitment drive to get Kev to join Team BTC)

Whilst the men had some impressive times, it was actually our women that dominated their AG’s, we had Nicola Hutchinson (sorry I don't think I have a photo of Nicola) WIN her AG and was 1st BTC female home. Julia cook was less than 30s behind Nicola and also WON her AG (25-29), our only other BTC AG winner was the amazing Merri Mack in the 70-74 AG .. how good is that


Other TOP 10 AG Finishers for BTC : Bobby Smale, Mike Ollerenshaw, Ross Cochrane, Lauren Bourke, David Fell, Andrea Pember, Sarah Green, Ingrid McPhee, John Simmonds & Frank Pearce

Glenn McPhee’s prediction for the Dad’s army friendly competition was slightly off,  congrats to Mike Ollenshaw was first soldier home in an impressive 1:56:07 and 4th in his AG, followed by David Fell a few mins behind, Paul Kelly and then Glenn McPhee. Well done to the Dads Army Troops!

The Dad's Army Crew: Paul, Glen, David, Mike

The Dad's Army Crew: Paul, Glen, David, Mike

Kya Wong represented BTC in the juniors Aquathon on Saturday Morning, great work Kya !


The Volunteers

Thankyou to everyone that gave up their afternoon you all looked very “pretty in pink” As you all know Club Champs is also about getting lots of volunteers, our volunteers in particular those TO’s and those doing section managers brought our average points per competitor up to around 10 points so well done to Ben, Ray, Josh, Jodie, Chrissie & Derek

Big thanks especially to Ben and Ray for their amazing TO jobs getting the club valuable points, to be a TO at Club Champs Ben and Ray have to volunteer to be TO’s at 3 other races in the season, its an amazing commitment so thanks guys.

I am not actually sure of the total points tally as I couldn't hear a thing standing down at the front of the stage as Matty Harris was announcing the Div 1 Winner, but here are some stats on competitor numbers below:

Next year we need a big recruitment drive if we want to go one (or two better), so tell everyone that didn't make it what a great weekend they missed and get that FOMO going for 2017.  From El Presidente Lew, and myself (Zoe, Zoo, Sue whatever the hell Matty Harris called me) a huge big thankyou to Josh, Jodie & Hannah for organising and for each and everyone one of you that made the trip, competed, raced, volunteers, supported. We have the best club ever !!!  Go Balmoral !

The Key Stats

  • Warringah 107 Starters
  • Hills 107 Starters
  • Balmoral 71 Starters
  • Central Coast – 67
  • Starters Coffs 56 Starters 

Thanks again to our club champs sponsors and all those other sponsors that continue to support our club:

Human Solutions Group, First National Cremorne  LeSpit Cyclery, SquareOne Physio, Johno the Home Loan Guy and Justin Betar (Betar Lawyers).