Club Champs - Stories of Club Spirit

There is a perception some people may have about Triathlon being an individual sport and how it can appear elitist from the outside, however what I saw this weekend as part of Balmoral Tri club couldn't be further from that...... we had fun, camaraderie and all types of athletes, rookies to pros competing for our club.  

It was a fantastic weekend away, I got to hang out with some of the amazing friends I have met through the sport and also meet some new club members, and whilst I cannot compete at the moment, it was great to be part of a fantastic club and have a lot of fun and laughs with you all.

Stepping up for BTC

At least three people racing for whom it was the longest triathlon they have ever done, for Julianna, Robyn (both doing Noosa laser this year) and Jason Patrick this was their longest race, well done folks, great to see you out there for BTC getting us valuable points.

BTC's Masterchef

Aileen Davidsons amazing Brownies for post race nutrition….. it was Aileen’s first race in a few years due to ongoing injury problems, and it was great to see her out there looking relaxed and having lots of fun and a big thanks for all your wonderful baking this season keeping our athletes well fed.

BTC Seniors

Keith Spackman one of our senior athletes had a bike accident recently but convinced his physio that club champs was way to important to miss, and that he was going to do it no matter what so it was agreed he would walk the run.. all in the name of points for BTC. Keith was in a power walk battle for both laps of the run with a fellow competitor, Keith that guy was drafting you all the way. 

Congrats so our other Senior club members for another Club Champs finished, it’s great to have you as part of our club and make the effort to come up to club champs, congrats to John Simmonds, Frank Pearce, Merri Mack & John Hiron…. amazing and inspiring efforts.

BTC's newest Members

Susie Heath

We had a few people join our club just to come to club champs. Tony Barbaro joined our club just a few weeks ago and brought his two kids with him to volunteer.  Susie Heath from Can Too joined the club and signed up to Club champs less than an hour before race entries closed.  Great to have you both on board and part of the club.


Sally Broom unfortunately got clipped by another cyclist out on the bike course and had to retire from the race, we hope you are not too battered and bruised and recover quickly Sally.

Coach Bruce Thomas

Young Quentin Schneider unfortunately didn’t have the race he was wanting, despite swimming an unbelievably quick time of 13:35 Quentin’s calf injury meant he wasn’t able to finish, however he was aware enough to help out a fellow club member, we can’t tell you exactly what happened as it might cause a steward’s enquiry, but in an unrelated story well done to Coach Bruce Thomas for his unbelievable mechanical skills to get his bike functioning for his 2nd lap, after starting the race knowing he had a flat tyre, and racing the entire first lap on a flat !

BTC's Ironman Athletes

We had quite a few people come up to club champs who are competing at Ironman, it’s a big call to race/volunteer when you are in the middle of Ironman training, so well done and a big Thanks to President Lew (ironman SA next weekend), Bob Smalle (looking really fit for Port Ironman), Joey (volunteering, and Doing Port IM), Ben (TO, port IM), Nick Maddern (Port IM) and Glenn McPhee (Port IM) true BTC club spirit at play, you guys rock !

Best on Ground – Pat Manfrin 

Pat showed what a great young man he is when he stopped on the run course to help out a fellow club member who was suffering from extreme heat exhaustion, Pat put his first aid knowledge into practice and staying with the person until help arrived, however he still finished the race to get valuable club points, an example to us all Pat.  


What a fantastic club we have.. as a member of the committee it was great to see our wonderful club in action, looking out for each other, supporting and cheering each other on ! See you all soon .. Zoe