Member Profile - Glenn McPhee

Don't Panic... Dad's army are representing BTC at club champs, including our very own Glenn McPhee, find out more about Glenn in our Member Profile interview.

BTC -  How long have you been a member of BTC?

Glenn - about 4 years

BTC - What got you involved in the sport of triathlon ?

Glenn - It was really a family activity that we could all do together but at different levels.

BTC - You are pretty  active in other local community clubs,tell us a bit about them and your role?

Glenn - Up until recently I was President of the  Spit Swimming Club for a number of years and that was a great training ground for the kids to learn to swim.

BTC - Favourite training session?

Glenn - Open water swim really the only area of the three disciplines that I am close to being competitive. I have always loved swimming in the ocean.

BTC -  We hear  you have some good friendly competition with some other BTC'rs who is leading the charge at the moment?

 Glenn - Good question, the last year has seen some good friendly rivalry and banter amongst the Dad's Army at the club. Between Mike Ollerenshaw, David Fell, Paul Kelly and myself we are all super competitive and it makes for some interesting racing. It is one of the reasons I love the club as there is a lot of fun on and off the track. We are all doing club champs and it will be on to see who takes out the bragging rights for the next year. My tip is Dave first, Mike second and Paul third.

BTC - How many club champs have you attended & what makes club champs so special to be part of?

Glenn - This is my 4th club champs and the encouragement between club members both competitors and spectators is awesome! The Go Balmoral shout happens every time you pass one of your team mates

BTC  - How do you balance family life, work life and training for long distance triathlons?

Glenn - I just do what I can do. It is definitely a challenge that I battle with constantly. 

BTC - Most memorable race and why?

Glenn - Last year's Port Macquarie Ironman. Doing an IM with 2 of your children was a special day. 

BTC - What is the best thing about being part of Balmoral Tri Club?

Glenn - Easy. The people. I have never met a community where the common theme is so positive and encouraging. It also provides great role models for my kids and I am very thankful for the genuine people that have surrounded our family with friendship and help

BTC - Your goto post workout/post race meal ?

Glenn - A Shake- Orange Juice, bananas, eggs, berries, protein powder, Kale and spinach. Get into this it will change your life!

Thanks Glenn, great to have you as part of our club and competing for us at Club Champs.