Race Reports

Load. Recover. Adapt. Load. Recover. Adapt.

Load. Recover. Adapt. Load. Recover. Adapt.

As endurance athletes this is what we do day in and day out. The science of training and coaching is now fairly good at telling us how much load we need to apply to get the desired stimulus. The “art” of training and coaching is knowing how much recovery is required, and when it is required, to allow for the best adaptation to take place that results in the best possible performance. Under recover and fatigue will affect your performance. Over recover and you will start to lose fitness. Timing is crucial. Balance is key.

Ray Monahan's Ironman WA race report

Ray Monahan's Ironman WA race report

A lot of people from BTC have been asking me to ‘let them know’ what I thought of the Busso Ironman so that they could decide if they wanted to do the event in the future.  So here goes!!

Firstly I must declare -  I‘m more than a little biased, having grown up in the west, I was overdue a trip to catch up on what has been happening there and see my friends from primary school again, so I was in love with it before the credit card was cold. Secondly, it’s a great holiday location for athletes, families and post-race party people!! (Two additional motivating factors.)

Ironman WA wrap and results

Waves, wind, rain, cold cheer squads.... Ironman WA had it all and put our BTC representatives to the test last weekend. All of our athletes made it home safely across the line and we had some brilliant results along with great displays of resilience on a tough day.

The swim was some of the toughest conditions ever reported. From the Busselton jetty it looked horrible with a lot of the professionals even resorting to backstroke and some being swept under the jetty with the strong current. There were heartbreaking scenes with lots of age group athletes needing to be rescued or not making the cut off time. Margie Sneddon was spotted from the jetty looking incredibly calm and smooth at the back end of the swim course and spent the second half overtaking everyone. Rachel Monahan showed off her BTC open water swim training with a great swim. All of our BTC athletes made it into T1 with a smile on their face (?) and ready to get stuck into the rest of the day.

The bike leg had on/off rain and bouts of strong cross and head winds adding some serious challenge to the flat and usually fast course. Ben Thomson had a great ride sneaking in under 5 hours (4:59:22). 

The run was where our athletes put the hammer down though, with all of them looking consistent and composed out on course. Bruce Tomlinson's fast and efficient cadence had him ticking along very nicely to produce a 3:41 run. Ben T was looking very spritely the whole run and was awesome in putting together a 3:46 run after his strong bike. Pocket Rocket Ray and IronMargie were arguably the happiest athletes on course with waves, high fives and even the occasional joke as they ran past the fans. With text book consistency and form from both of the girls, it was awesome to see them put their hard training on show. Ben Boyd and Neil Culkin both ran sub 3:40's; great running in tough conditions. David Stewart faced some challenges early on in the run but showed great perseverance to push through. 

Our highest placed finisher on the day was Rachel Monahan who in just her second Ironman placed 6th in her category. Ray quietly chipped away at some really hard training over the last few months so we're incredibly proud to see her day come together so well. Her composure when she races, especially in the tough second half of the marathon is something you have to see to believe. Ray has kindly given us an insight into her race, which you can read here.

Margie raced her first Ironman and was truly amazing to watch. She smiled the whole day and (seemed) to just love being out there. She executed arguably a perfect race with consistency that is very rarely seen in a debut Ironman performance. She finished in 12:41:38 with a couple of minutes of that spent in the finishing chute soaking up the atmosphere and celebrating with her fans (in fact if you watch her finish line video you can hear Pete Murray calling "Margie Sneddon, are you ever going to finish?").

Ben T and Bruce Tomlinson were consistent and strong all day both with top 20 finishes. 

Our fastest finished Ben Boyd also produced a top 20 finish in the very competitive 35-39 age group.

Congratulations to all of our athletes!

Professional Spectator Ben Browne grabbed some brilliant shots from the day; you can check them out here.

Joe Sprange's Noosa Tri race report

Joe and son Aksel aka the 2045 Ironman World Champion

2015 Noosa Tri

Just a short report about my Noosa 2016.

I had a less than ideal lead up two major bouts of sickness which meant I only got two weeks of quality training in the last five weeks. It was only after getting thru a key session a week out actually I felt I would be well enough to complete the race.

For those who have never raced Noosa, you need to do it, at least once. This year was the first year of the new Swim, which has moved too ocean from the canal.

The race day was weather was good clear and not too warm. The water temperate was 21.8 degrees which meant it was wetsuit swim. My race went well, I swam and ran better than I have in previous years and equalled my previous bike times with lower watts – so I am as happy as a triathlete will ever be. The family and I enjoy a fantastic seven days in Noosa, which is a great place to holiday because of the Amazing beaches, beautiful nation park and great Restaurants.

Reasons to do the Noosa Tri

1.     Probably the nicest  Triathlon Swim ever (Now it is an ocean swim).

2.     The bike course is solid and fair (Minimal drafting). It has every thing flats, hills, a massive down hill and some technical sections.

3.     The run is completely flat (normally very hot)

4.     The best expo and event set up in Australia.

5.     Great race packs, towel, visor and backpack.

6.     Noosa is a great place to take the family for a holiday.

7.     The after party at the surf club is Fantastic.

8.     It is the Biggest Triathlon in Australia – over 8,000 people race to triathlon and 12,000 in the festival total.




Challenge Forster results & Tim Cook's race report

Challenge Forster took place last Sunday and there were a few BTC athletes who made their way north for an early season hit out over the half and sprint distances.

We had a strong showing in the male 35-39 category for the half distance with Tim Cook, Ben Browne and Stephen Durant all within five minutes of one another. Check out Tim's awesome race report and photos....

Challenge Half results:

Tim Cook, 35 - 39 (8th): 4:49:56

Ben Browne, 35-39 (9th): 4:53:34

Stephen Durant, 35-39 (11th): 4:54:38

** We were unable to search for club results so please let us know if we have missed anyone.

In the Sprint distance race it was great to see Kirsty Grace back racing and grabbing third place and of course Frank Pearce picking up first place in the 70+ age group. Well done!

It was awesome to see some of our kids in action too with Carley Thomas (FIRST PLACE in th 14-15 yr and 5th overall!) and Jamie and Joel Wade taking part in the juniors race. Congratulations girls!