Balmoral Triathlon Club prides itself of supporting triathletes whether rookies or pros and anyone in between and we are proud that we have good representation of women across our club. 

Hear from some of the women in our club (newbies, pros, age groupers, coaches and new mums) in our member profile interviews and race reports from this season. Hopefully these articles will make you realise you can do it too! 

BTC Female Member Profiles

Some quick facts about BTC:

  • 35% of our adult members are women.
  • 3 out of 4 of the BTC Executive Committee are women (Jodie Osborne, Hannah Donaldson and Zoe Young) and we have a number of other women on the extended BTC Committee (Christine McLiver, Steffi Breidenbach, Alison Keetley, Jessica Hansen, Emily McPhee).
  • One of our head coaches is a female. Christina Thomas was a professional Ironman athlete before setting up and running Energy Link Performance Coaching with husband and Ironman legend Bruce, which has supported and coached many beginners and professional athletes:
  • The club is supporting several female members through their official Level 1 Triathlon Coach training.
  • The club has two female members over the age of 70 years who are still giving some our our younger members a run for their money!
  • At the other end of the generation spectrum, we had over 10 junior females under the age of 14 take part in our Try Stars program over 2015 / 2016 summer.
  • Our BTC Youth Scholarship for season 2015/2016 was awarded to a woman (Lauren Bourke).

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