Balmoral Triathlon Club aims to encourage young people to achieve their goals in the Sport of Triathlon and to remain involved in our community. In conjunction with a number of the Clubs Sponsors and Partners we offer a Youth Scholarship each season.

Youth scholarship

This is an annual scholarship will be awarded to up to two individuals each season to encourage promising, talented young athletes to remain with Balmoral Triathlon Club, and to aid their athletic development. Awardees will receive Coaching, Physiotherapy and significant discounts on products and services from our sponsors. Find out more about the program here

2017/2018 Awardees: Thomas Davies & Daniel De Santis

2016/2017 Awardees:  Quentin Schneider & Gabby Mastroianni


Candidates are asked to submit a written application to the Club, Ambassadors & Scholarships will be selected by the Club committee taking into account how applicants meet the criteria set out in our Ambassador and Scholarship programs.