BTC cannot run club events without the help of volunteers. If you want to give back to the club, please come and help - even helping at one event per year (up to 3 hours) makes a big difference! Plan your volunteering for the season using the links and information below.



BTC members who wish to be eligible for BTC Age Group Competition prizes must volunteer in a qualifying role at least once during the season. Qualifying roles are available at club races (20 spots per race), juniors race (50 spots), and aquathlons (8 spots per aquathlon). Qualifying roles are not available at swim time trials or run time trials. 

Please note that if you volunteer for a qualifying role at an event then you won’t be able to compete in that event.

For more information about qualifying volunteer roles, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Phil.



Club Races

Juniors Race


Swim & Run Time Trials

Committee members volunteer their time to run swim time trials and run time trials for the enjoyment of all club members. Whilst we have the organisation and set up under control, it can sometimes get hectic for us and a little helping hand can make all the difference:

IMG_2660 (002).JPG
  • If it looks like we might need help, please ask.

  • All small gestures welcome - picking up cones and flags after time trials, helping take bottles and rubbish away after social gatherings. It doesn’t take a lot of time or energy, but would be much appreciated.

  • Baked goods are always welcome at events (time trials, club races and aquathlons). If you are a keen baker and would like to try out your latest culinary creation on a group of hungry triathletes, please bring them along!


Club tent

Club members love having the club tent at races. It provides a meeting point for BTC racers and their supporters, a convenient place to leave bags, and provides shelter from the sun and rain. For new members, it can be invaluable as a way of finding other club members at races.

IMG_3104 (002).jpg

Whilst club members love having the tent at races, committee struggles to find volunteers to take the tent to/from events.

If you are attending an upcoming race, have some space in your car and want to see the BTC tent there, please consider volunteering to take the tent along.

The tent fits into a large hatch-back or small SUV car and takes one or two people to put up/take down. If you can help, please get in touch with our Club President Kelly.