Club Shop - NOW OPEN

For season 2017-2018 we have new kit manufactured by Scody. There will be three opportunities to buy kit throughout the year (see ordering dates on this page for our planned shops openings) via the BTC SCODY SHOP

Its super simple.

Go Visit the BTC SCODY Shop   Member logon:  BTC & BTC2017 

And place your order.

We currently have cycling jersey and bib shorts, long sleeve one piece tri kit, sleeveless one piece tri kit and sleeveless two piece tri kits. All in Mens and Womens cuts.

We also have a 24/7 Made to Order shop that has 3 items: Optima tri suit in male and female and a male and female BTC cycle jersey (that will be available for the whole year).

The 3 shop windows listed on the right open up options for performance tri suits, tri cycling jersey, shorts etc. 

NOTE: There is a facility to order kit outside of the "windows". The range is limited to male/female trisuits and a male/female cycling jersey but this shop is open all year round albeit with the same production time lines as the normal process. You access through the "Retail Shops" tab on the Scody website.



The online shop has a size chart on every product page so check that out

  • We have sample sizes hopefully arriving very soon, these will be available to try on at the club house over the next few weeks, speak to Swim Training Captain or Spin Training Captain at training and someone will help you out.
  • Also a number of people have scody kit already from Tri Australia Representation events and the Ward coaching group wear Scody so you can also have a chat to other members in the club for advice if you can't make it to the club house.
  • Still Struggling with Sizes: check out the Scody YouTube videos on how to best take measurements: Mens Size Guide  & Womens Size Guide

Postage & Packing?

When you order the kit will be delivered to your address, not the club, so you can specify an address when ordering. Flat fee of $12 or free if you spend over $250 (so you could combine order with a friend for example)

Delivery is usually 3-5 days from the PLANNED DISPATCH DATE (which is set as per shop opening times specified on this page)

What about Cycling Knicks and Shorter Womens Tri Shorts?

We are planning on adding these to Round 2 of the shop, we wanted to get a shop open for early season races and had to minimise the number of garments for this round.

What if I miss a round and have a big race and really want BTC kit?

Depending on dates and how busy Scody is at their production facility, there may be a possibility to do a one off for our members, please get in touch info [at], or have a chat to a committee member at training and we will talk to our Scody representative and see what we can do. However we can't promise anything I am afraid.

Why only three Opportunities to buy Kit?

The club cannot keep stock like it used to, since it is a huge investment of $$ to hold the level of stock required, it also generates a lot more work for all our volunteer committee. An online shop provided by Scody is the best of both worlds, however we need to tie our orders into their production windows, and these shop time frames are used by numerous other triathlon clubs that Scody manufacture kit for.


Kit OrderING Dates

Shop Windows for an expansive selection of BTC clothing are the following dates:


- Open 14/8/2017

- Close 4/9/2017

- Dispatch 17/10/2017

- To member before: 31/10/2017

Round 2

- Open 26/10/2017

- Close 13/11/2017

- Dispatch 22/1/2018

- To member before: 2/2/2018


- Open 19/12/2017

- Close 18/1/2018

- Dispatch 3/2/2018

- To member before: 16/3/2018