Balmoral Triathlon Club offers three professionally coached sessions per week - track, brick, and open water swim. Sessions run from the start of September through to the end of April with the exception of open water swim, which continues all year round.

Each session costs $5-00. You can either pay in cash at the session or you can buy a 20 session training pass here

BTC training sessions are run by our partners Energy Link Performance Coaching and cater for all abilities.  If you are considering attending a BTC training session for the first time, ensure that you arrive at least 15 minutes earlier than the start time so the Session Captain can welcome you and introduce you to the coaches. 

Got a question about training? Check out our training FAQs or contact us.


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Where: Rawson Park Oval, Cross St, Mosman

When: Thursdays @6.30pm, from start of September through to end of April

What:  Track runs for 1.5 hours, including a warm up, dynamic stretching, main session, cool down, and core strength work. Track sessions improve both speed and endurance through interval training work (running at different speeds for different periods of time).

Track sessions are inclusive and suitable for all abilities. We start and finish together on a circular oval (faster people will complete more laps, slower people will complete less laps). Regardless of ability and experience, expect a running session that will challenge you.

Bring: Drink, towel and a warm top 

Cost: $5.00

Prerequisites: None.


Where: Centennial Park (meet near the pedestrian gate to Queens Park on Musgrave Avenue)

When: Saturdays @6.30am, from start of September through to end of April

What: Brick training runs for one and a half hours, including a warm-up cycle, the main session, core strength work and cool down stretching.


The main session comprises various combinations of cycling and running within Centennial Park. You will likely find yourself on your own for parts of the session - make sure that you arrive in good time to listen to the coaches briefing so that you know exactly how many laps of cycling to (on a 4km loop) and what course to run (1km to 3km).

Bring: Bike, bike helmet, bike shoes, run shoes, drink and a towel

Cost: $5.00

Prerequisites: We ask that attendees are confident cycling on the road and in small groups before participating in brick sessions. If you do not feel like you are ready to cycle on the road and/or in groups, take a look at some of the courses run by Bicycle NSW and keep an eye out on the BTC Facebook Members Page and BTC Newsletter for adhoc beginners/social ride dates. 


Where: South end of Balmoral Beach, Mosman (meet at the BTC Clubhouse next door to the Public Dining Room)

When: Saturdays @3.00pm, all year round

What: Open water swim runs for one hour including a warm up swim, main session, and an easy swim cool down. Attendees can expect to cover 2-3km during the session, dependent on speed.

The main session is run from the beach and comprises varied pace and distance swim sets ranging from approx. 100m to 500m, always finishing at the beach for a period of recovery.

At open water swim, expect to encounter a variety of challenging conditions throughout the year including waves, chop, and varying levels of water visibility and water temperature. This is a tough session but great preparation for triathlons or ocean swim races.

Bring: Goggles, swimsuit, towel, wetsuit (recommended over Winter months)

Cost: $5.00

Prerequisites: Open water swim attendees must be able to swim at least 1km continuous freestyle. If you are not yet able to swim this distance, check out our resources page for a list of swim squads that may help.



Where: BTC Clubhouse, Balmoral Beach

When: Tuesdays @6.15pm, all year round

What: Coach Lew from Energylink Performance Coaching runs an informal one hour indoor spin session for those  looking to seriously boost their cycling strength and endurance, and wanting some company and music whilst they do so. This is a great session for those who want to build their cycling fitness but are nervous about riding on the roads!

Bring: Turbo trainer, bike, bike shoes, drink, towel, and a swimsuit (for a cooldown dip at Balmoral Baths during Summer months)

Cost: Free

Prerequisites: None.


Occasionally, it may be necessary for us to change or cancel a training session. Make sure you join the BTC Members Facebook Page and subscribe to the BTC Newsletter to be kept informed of any BTC session changes.