We are often asked by members what alternative training options are available. Check out our list of potential swim squads, run clubs and cycling groups that are already accessed by some members.


Lane Cove Aquatic Centre

Outdoor 50m

North Shore Squad

*Masters squad - Monday night squads are popular with a number of BTC members.

Eastern suburbs and CBD (various pools)

Outdoor and indoor 50m (various pools)


*Stroke correction, squads for all levels beginner to advanced specialising in open water and long distance

Manly Andrew 'Boy' Charlton Swim Centre

Outdoor 50m in summer, indoor in winter

NS Swim School

*Learn to swim, beginners and competitive masters squads

Mosman Swim Centre

Indoor 25m


*Surf and triathlon swimming specialisation


Macquarie University pool

Outdoor 50m

Macquarie Uni Sport and Rec, Adult Squads

*Swim fit and masters squad

Fitness First St Leonards

Indoor 25m

Fitness First Swim Squad

*All abilities squad


Pace Athletic

Mosman, Manly and Roselle locations

Sydney Striders

Various locations


Bicycle NSW has many resources for those new to riding, they have some specific kids and women's events and workshops.

Waratah Masters & Manly Warringah Cycling Club: are you looking for some criterium racing outside of triathlon? Check out some of the local Masters Cycling Clubs.

Bike Time Trials: unfortunately due to lack of closed roads the club no longer holds Bike Time Trials, however some of our members from time to time take part in a Time Trial held by ATTA at Calga on the first Sunday of every month.